Make everyday events easier.

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Make everyday events easier.

Watch the explainer video

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Why use Smylee?

When planning your get-together, have you ever been stood up or flaked on, been left waiting for others to arrive, or tried to organize an event with RSVPs coming in at the last minute, or not at all?

Smylee was founded to eliminate these very issues. An app with a distinct difference, it’s focused on creating positive connections, making it easy to organize everyday events, encouraging people to show up, gaining commitment through a charitable pledge. It’s literally fun to organize events now! 👏

Small to large gatherings, you can organize catch-ups such as dates, dinners, tailgates, weekends away, and birthdays. Whatever the event, Smylee is the most intuitive and market-leading social event tool for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy.

Join the mission of creating a new ‘norm’ to be reliable and show up for each other, enabling people to feel more valued and socially connected.

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Your new personal social organizer

Create and manage any type of event from a coffee date, a weekend away, a business meeting or even plan a wedding. (we saw that invoice wink )

1. Let's chat

Add your contacts and start chatting to discuss the event details before setting the plans in motion.

2. Plan your event

Nominate the details of your event to complete your personalized run sheet and invite who you wish to attend.

3. Select a charity and pledge to show up

If someone doesn’t show their pledge is donated to the cause that is chosen. If they show they get to keep their pledge unless they choose to donate anyway.

4. Check in via GPS

Check-in to show you have arrived at the event or if locations have changed check-in via bluetooth with the other attendees. It's not about where the event is located, it's about the positive connection 😊

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Plan your catch-up, invite your friends,
gain commitment through a charitable pledge,
connect in person.

Creating reliable, positive connections

No more catfish,
No more no shows

We’re not for shaming, but we are for keeping it real.

A pledge to a charity of choice is selected when you RSVP to hold people accountable to show up. If you don’t show, your pledge is donated; lucky you, you get to keep your pledge if you do show. 😊 You can also choose to donate anyway, because we all love doing something great for the world, right?!

Smylee’s unique Reliability Rating shows those who regularly turn up for events and those that may need a little encouragement. Be nice 😉
Why not make a bit of fun of it… Who doesn’t love a bit of competition to keep their perfect rating!!

Being able to vouch for someone lets others know they are the person they say they are. Yep, you got it, no more catfish or fake profiles, just real connections that you have confidence in knowing who you are talking to and that they will show up.


We’re forward thinking,
never resting on our laurels.

Here you’ll find all the latest app updates, innovative initiatives and what’s trending with Smylee.

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

The Smylee App has been one of the most interesting challenges our team has taken on, it's such a truly unique concept and required some truly custom solutions to tackle the originality of the platform. We are genuinely changing customer behaviour here, harnessing the...

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Smylee News 

Hear from the Third Wheel on event tips and trends, whats on and the latest Smylee updates.

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