5 Fun Group Date Ideas (That are actually fun!)

by | Jan 13, 2021 | All over dating

Okay, so you’ve had the nerve-racking first date, played it cool, waited a couple of days before organising the second, the third date was hoot and you’ve breezed dates four through six – look at you go, things are really getting serious! Could this be the one? Who knows! What we do know, is it’s time for this one to pass the ultimate test – of course, meeting the friends.

…or look, maybe we’ve read this wrong, maybe this isn’t a new guy/gal on the scene, maybe you’ve been with your significant other for a while now, but maybe you’re just getting a little bored of one-on-one dates…I mean hey, there’s only so many times you can ask how one person’s day was, right?!

Either way, if you’re looking for fun group date ideas, your friends here at Smylee have you covered. We’ve pulled together our top 5 group date ideas…that are actually fun. You can thank us later!


Look, we get it, a picnic isn’t exactly a ground-breaking group date idea, but hey, is there really anything that beats a good ol’ fashion picnic? Park yourself down someone where with an incredible atmosphere, or gorgeous view, crack open the crackers, break out the brie, flaunt the French onion dip (fun fact: no picnic is complete without French onion dip!) and pack in the pals, and look at that, you’ve got a dreamboat of a group date that’s not going to cost the world! PS did we mention in the right parks, BYO booze is a-ok? Honestly, try to convince us a good ol’ fashion picnic isn’t the best – we’ll wait.


Okay sporty spices this one’s for you! If you’re looking for a group date ideas that’s a little more out there, why not rope some friends (pardon the pun) into an evening of rock-climbing. Nothing says true love like literally holding your loved one’s life in your hands, and not dropping them 30-feet. The pro’s keep on coming in with this one, as while you scale a 10-15 meter wall, the muscles you didn’t even know you had will be well and truly activated, making you look like the Greek god/goddess you always knew you were! Indoor rock-climbing also gives you a chance to speak with the fellow ‘belayers’ who of course interchange between belaying and climbing, meaning there’s no chance you’ll get stuck sitting at the end of a table with the one bore of the group…we’ve all been there.


A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? This recommendation may be third on our list, but being honest, it’s one of our best. Arcades are perfect for a little bit of a low-key competitive date. Let us set the scene – the games are almost always designed for sets of two, think Mario Kart, eight players, air hockey, four players, dance dance revolution, two players..and the list goes on! Pair that with the fact most arcades these days have stepped up their food and drink game, offering ‘gamers’ full bar-food menus and most often, a pretty decent cocktail selection. The real cherry on top? Once you absolutely slay in the arcade, you get to prance on over to the prize shop, redeem your tickets and get you and your date a random array of prizes to remember this epic date night, forever. Pretty ace date idea, right?!


This one’s a little left of centre, but hey, we thought we’d give it a swing, anyway (again, pardon the pun)! A little different but definitely a bit of fun. Heading to the Driving Range is a great group date idea, as it’s all of the exciting parts of golf, minus all of the tedious/strenuous elements that hold a lot of us back from actually playing golf. Most driving ranges have music in the background, a bar to keep you adequately hydrated and most the time a bit of snacks menu to keep you from starvation. A super cost effective date, this is one that gives everyone something to do, but also gives everyone the relaxed environment to chat and actually get to know each other. Lastly, it also makes for a great insta opp – you’re welcome.


Bowling has somehow gotten somewhat of a bad rap in the last little while, and we’re not at all sure why? Here at Smylee, we’re big fans of a good ol’ bowl. What’s not to like – it’s air-conditioned, usually blaring some funky tunes, minimal effort and if you can manage to get all those pesky pins down, you downright feel like a hero. Bowling is a great group date option as it keeps the group entertained and busy, so you can be sure no one’s bored out of their brains, and also give the group ample opportunity to chat and catch up between bowls. Bowling alleys these dates are usually decked with disco lights and rocking a full bar, complete with a decent bar-menu to accompany. When in doubt, bowl.

Well there you have it friends, five of our absolute top group date options! We’re a social bunch at Smylee and would love to hear from you! Got a suggestion of a group date we should add? Head on over to our socials or comment below to let us know.

PS if you decide to take us up on one of our recommendations, don’t forget to hashtag #SmyleeSnaps in your pics so that we can see them!