A note from the CEO this holiday season

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Infinitely inspirational

A note from the CEO: A year of resilience    

2021 was a year of both resilience and perseverance for Smylee. Like many companies, Covid-19 had a significant impact on our plans to successfully launch in Australia. Our aim was to support people coming together, to create unforgettable moments and those positive connections. This unfortunately was not to come to fruition with Australia being under Covid restrictions for most of the year, removing any need to use an event planning tool. The Smylee team moved fast to adapt and set eyes on the American market where people were still meeting up in a safe manner. We relocated the executive team to the U.S, commencing the development of local relationships that would support Smylee’s growth, the charities and key partnerships established.

A significant milestone for us, Smylee launched in America in November, generating it’s first users to the app after testing in Australia opening up the global platform. We have reached over 3000 installs in 2021 and with 2022 looking positive for people to meet up safely, we are only expecting that number to increase substantially. Our launch strategy combining both experiential events and digital story telling supports our values of being in community and connecting with people face to face.

Some of the key highlights include Smylee’s ongoing involvement with the Australian Consulate General Los Angeles, keynote speaking at Google’s DevFest North America, partnering with the ‘Cal’ Bears and holding our very first tailgate activation! We also attended the Long Beach Marathon and held a launch pop-up at Santa Monica Pier. We absolutely loved talking with the community at these events and it only reiterated to me the need for Smylee to continue its mission of ‘Making everyday life events easier.’

Smylee has created a unique offering. Our team are energized by the continuous momentum and support from our charity and business partners. We will continue to move forward and execute our strategic ambition to make Smylee available globally by the end of 2022.

I want to congratulate Kirsty Forbes, Head of Global Marketing on the delivery of our events and promotions. Her ability to adapt and respond swiftly during a pandemic is commendable. I am incredibly grateful to her and the team for providing such a strong foundation for me to build upon.

During this holiday season, the lives of millions will be filled with the spirit of giving, the importance of connecting with family, friends and a sense of healing for those whose lives have been significantly impacted by Covid.

To our loyal friends and partners, a big THANK YOU from myself and the Smylee founders for believing in our team and our product. We look forward to continuing our incredible journey and relationship with you in 2022 and beyond.

Have a safe a wonderful holiday season. 

Skye x