Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy



Smylee Pty Ltd (“the Company”) seeks to provide an app and user community that is safe and enjoyable for all.


Bullying, harassment or trolling someone can have a detrimental effect on them. People who are bullied can become distressed, anxious, withdrawn and can lose self-esteem and self-confidence and in some circumstances against the law. For these reasons this type of behavior will not be tolerated by the Company.


The Company recognises that bullying may involve comments and behaviors that offend some people and not others. The Company accepts that individuals may react differently to certain comments and behavior. That is why a minimum standard of behavior is required of app Users. This standard aims to be respectful of all Users.


The Company recognises that bullying can take place through a number of different methods of communication including within the app messaging service, face to face and social media.


This Policy applies to behaviors that occur:

  • in connection with using our app service
  • at events planned through our app service
  • on social media platforms where our users interact.


This Policy applies to all app users.



Bullying occurs when an individual, or a group of individuals, repeatedly behaves unreasonably towards an app user(s), and the behavior creates a risk to their health and safety. It includes both physical and psychological abuse.


Bullying behaviors can take many different forms, from the obvious (direct) to the more subtle (indirect).


The following are some examples of bullying:

  • abusive, insulting or offensive language or comments;
  • violent, aggressive or intimidating conduct; 
  • belittling or humiliating comments and
  • victimisation


The above examples are not an exhaustive list of bullying behaviors. They are indicative of the type of behaviors that may constitute bullying and are therefore unacceptable within the Smylee community.



Single incidents of inappropriate behavior (such as harassment, violence or threatening behavior) can also present a risk to a users health and safety and will not be tolerated. 

Harassment is considered to be any form of behavior that is:

  • unwanted; or
  • offends, humiliates or intimidates



The Company expects all app users:

  • not to engage in harassment, bullying, violence or intimidation;
  • to behave in an inclusive and appropriate manner;
  • treat others with courtesy and respect;
  • listen and respond appropriately to the views and concerns of others; and
  • to be fair and honest in their dealings with others.



Complaints of bullying, harassment and violence occurring through use of the Smylee App will be taken seriously and will be handled in accordance with the Terms of Service.


If you make a complaint it will be dealt with sympathetically and in a confidential manner (except where the Company deems it is necessary to disclose the information provided to the police in order to properly deal with the complaint).

If the claim is found to be substantiated, the Company will act in accordance with its Terms of Service.

Please note that any user found to have fabricated a complaint will be removed from the app and in some circumstances may be reported to the police.