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Support changing a culture to show up, be reliable and give back in the process 


Get greater return for your investment

We make connections happen, in person. We strive to make people feel more valued, more respected, and more loved on their journey of forging meaningful relationships.

Join others such as Sea Shepherd Australia and Starlight Children’s Foundation to help create a positive momentum with reliable events and giving back. Smylee promotes positive mental health, encouraging people to show up and be there for each other. 

Our platform has been designed to drive donations to our partners through a positive pledge system. If the person who has RSVP’d to an event doesn’t show up, their positive pledge is donated to the charity of choice. If they do show up, they get to pocket their pledge, but if they still wish to give back to a cause they care about, they are able to donate anyway. 

A positive movement, creating collaboration, what a beautiful thing!


 Partner Benefits

Smylee selects charity partners based on alignment with values and business objectives to ensure you get the greatest value possible and return on investment.

More exposure

Reach a broad new audience that normally wouldn’t find you or consider donating to your cause.

More donations

Everyone is positive they will show up to an event, but you would be surprised how many people are unreliable. We do encourage people to show up, but they still have the option to choose to donate anyway if they do. 

More events

Smylee gives the opportunity for users to take ownership of their events, choosing your brand as the cause to pledge towards. They feel good not only if people show up but by creating more connections through more events, driving more brand awareness. #winning 


Our Partner Platform

Our partner platform allows you to keep track of your donations through Smylee, and view projected donations in future months so you can plan ahead and judge your brands effectiveness on the platform.

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