Dating Ideas Adelaide for First Dates

by | Jun 17, 2021 | All over dating

Well, well, well, look at you go! You’ve battled through the apps, (of course you used Smylee to plan that date, no bias at all!) you’ve flirted with the local barista, donned a little charm in the office or maybe you’ve even taken a crack at your hot PT…look however you’ve snagged that first date, we’re impressed, we’re proud and we can’t wait to hear about it!

Unfortunately, you’re not exactly out of the woods just yet. Because lord knows, that as bad as all that swiping, small talk,  real life rejection etc. etc. is, landing your crush and scoring that second date of course comes down to nailing that first date – not rocket science, we know, but we’re getting too it!

The venue is going to play a huge, we repeat, HUGE, part in this date’s success, so you’re going to want to do it right!

No need to fret as and that’s where your pals here at Smylee are here to help with! Spread across Adelaide, here are three of our top dating ideas for Adelaide:


1. Sunny’s Pizza @ Adelaide CBD

This pizza joint isn’t your regular pizza shop, it’s a cool pizza shop (and we really mean that!).

Found at 17 Solomon Street in the heart of Adelaide, this pizza party extraordinaire is alike no other. It’s vibing, it’s cool, it’s a bit of fun and pizza is to no surprise, absolutely delish.

You’re not going to blow the bank with this one either, as it’s extremely reasonably priced – cha-ching! Depending on the day of the week that you head on in to check it all out, you may even be met with lives DJ’s or one of their regular specialty events. On that note, it’s worth checking out their socials before heading in to make sure you’re properly briefed on what to expect!

The venue’s open 5pm until late every night, making this a date spot that can start early and if the date’s going well, take you late into the night!


2. Sea Salt @ Henley Beach

This one’s a BIG yes in our books and after you check it out for yourself, we’re willing to guess that it will be in yours, too!

This is a date suggestion that we’d more push for afternoon drinks or a late lunch vibe, though with this beachside eatery being open from 12pm until late it really can suit anything from an early lunch, to a late dinner or even late-night cocktails.

This date spot will let you and your date soak up the buzzing atmosphere of Henley Beach while enjoying delicious bites from their incred’ menu. You’ll find all the classics, though also a couple of fun dishes that definitely set them apart from the rest! This Singapore Chilli Fish Wings alongside Tempura Coralflower and Garfish Katsu sando – big yes, big yum.

Open Sunday – Monday 12pm until late, it’s your perfect end-of-week date location!


 3.  Leigh Street Wine Room @ Adelaide CBD

Leigh Street Wine Room can be found at 9 Leigh Street in Adelaide’s CBD and is the date spot if you’re looking to wine and dine.

This one’s definitely on the ritzier side, though it really is worth every penny.

Though the space was formally a longstanding city drycleaner, you certainly would never know that from looking at it now.

Picture a suave mezzanine, a terrazzo bar and floor, exposed acoustic wall panelling, and a striking, lofty archway that runs the length of the room. The restaurant boasts 400-odd bottles of minimal-intervention drops selected by Sydney-born-and-raised chef and co-owner Nathan Sasi.

This one does book out so you’re going to want to make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment!


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