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What is the cost associated with donating through Smylee?

We don’t charge you a fee for using the Smylee app. Our secure payment gateway partner Stripe will charge you a transaction fee only if you donate to your chosen charity of choice. This transaction fee is noted clearly when your event is created and your payment is verified. We do not take any payment unless you do not show up to the event as agreed, cancel or elect to donate anyway. The Stripe fee is set at 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction. 

Will I receive a receipt?

Yes, if you make a donation, we’ll email you a donation receipt on behalf of the Charity selected, this receipt can also be accessed through the app under your User profile at any time. All Charities listed on the Smylee app are registered Charities and therefore tax deductible benefits may apply. To understand what may apply to you, please refer to your local taxation office. 

How do I know the Charity has received my donation?

All donations are made through the secure Stripe Payment Gateway system in real time, only when the Charity receives your donation is Smylee authorised to issue you with a receipt.

Why doesn’t Smylee allow me to donate to a listed Charity?

While we make every effort to list the Charities that our Users care about, as fast as possible, we need to ensure a partnership agreement is first in place and a secure payment link is set up for you and them. Our Charity list is driven by our Users so we allow you to nominate a Charity you would like to see in the app if your Charity of choice is not currently available and do our best to contact that Charity to become a Smylee partner.


Can I request a refund for my donation?

Donations made through the Smylee app are not typically refundable. For more information, see our Donation Refund Policy.


Can my charity join Smylee?

If your charity is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and is an Item 1 deductible gift recipient, you’ll be automatically qualified for being a Charity listed in our app,
once approved donors can then select you as their Charity to pledge against. Please contact us on partnerships@smylee.us for further information.

Why does my charity appear in the Smylee app?

Smylee believes that when donors have a wide array of charities to choose from, overall charitable giving increases, so Smylee endeavours to give all Users an opportunity to select the Charity that is right for them to pledge against. If your Charity features as an option to select in our app it means we have established an agreement to fundraise and issue receipts on your Charity’s behalf.

If we do not yet have an agreement in place with your Charity but it appears in our app, it means Users can select to nominate your Charity as one they would like the opportunity to Pledge against in the future. When this request has been received, we’ll do our best to contact your Charity as soon as we can to notify you of the nomination and the opportunity to join the Smylee community.

How do I log into the Smylee Charity Portal?

You can log into your Charity company dashboard using your Smylee account credentials. For more information, please contact accounts@smylee.com.a

Our Charity doesn’t have a Smylee account. How do I log into the dashboard?

You need to be an authorised Smylee Charity Partner to access information about the donations made to benefit your charity. When you sign up, the Smylee team will guide you on how to activate your account and take you through the dashboard.

Can I give other people in my organisation access to the Charity Portal once established?

Yes, you can add multiple users with access privileges appropriate to their role, including viewing transactions and reports. All additional Users or changes must be verified and signed off by the Charity Director.

How do I update my charity’s profile?

You can update your charity’s profile by logging into the Charity Portal and amending this if your Charity has granted you access via the Dashboard.

Are there fees to receive donations through Smylee?

To be listed in the Smylee app Charities are given the choice to become a Featured Charity or a Listed Charity. If your Charity does not receive donations, there is nothing to pay. A monthly service fee is agreed prior to a Charity being listed on the app which is separately invoiced as per our Memorandum of Understanding. Smylee uses this service fee to continuously fund improvements within the Smylee app, cover business costs and ensure the app remains free for its users, outside of the transaction fee charged by Stripe or the users financial institution.

When and how will my charity get paid?

Once we have established a partnership any donations made by our Users are immediately sent via the Stripe Payment Gateway to the nominated Stripe account as specified by your Charity. Unlike other companies, we do not hold any of the funds being donated by Users. Smylee Users are informed of the fees related to using the Stripe Payment Gateway at the time of Pledging to ensure this is clear and transparent.

If you don’t have a Stripe account, we will help you set this up to ensure you receive funds securely, as soon as you appear in our app.

What if Users want to create a Charity fundraiser by using the Smylee App?

For any fundraising events it is the responsibility of each User to ensure they comply with the relevant legislative requirements for fundraising, including obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses if necessary. For further information about fundraising in Australia, please visit the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission website and the specific State and Territory websites below:
Australia Capital Territory
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia


How do I get in contact with Smylee?

You can send us a message through our Contact Form. Alternatively, call 1800 SMYLEE or write to us at:
PO BOX 854, Rose Bay, NSW, 2029