Give-back on #GivingTuesday

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Infinitely inspirational

Raise money for the causes you are passionate about this #GivingTuesday 

We can never underestimate the value of giving to community and those that may need it a little more than others. It not only supports those in need, but it also helps the givers’ happiness and health too. If it’s benefiting both the giver and the receiver imagine the benefits for entire communities!

On #GivingTuesday let’s take some time out to reflect on how giving is good for the soul!

1. Giving promotes social connections and people coming together in unity
When you are giving you are more likely to receive in return. Giving exchanges promote a sense of trust and togetherness that strengthens bonds with each other. Think of a time that someone did a random act of kindness for you, or maybe you gave your time to someone in need. How did it make you feel? Happy, thankful, closer to that person? These are some of the positive emotions that are felt when people come together. A stronger connection, a deeper sense of gratitude and closer bond with that person you may even be meeting for the first time.

2. Giving makes us happy
In a 2006 study, Jorge Moll from the National Institute of Health found that when people give to charities, it activates regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection and trust creating that warm happy feeling. When you have made someone’s day or impacted someone’s life the giver is known to feel what is called the ‘helper’s high’. I mean who doesn’t want to get that natural endorphin buzz!

3. Giving has a ripple effect 
Remember the movie ‘Pay it Forward’? A young student created a plan of doing a good deed for someone, then that person pays that good deed forward, giving to someone else in return, creating a flow on effect. People are inspired by receiving or seeing others do good in the world. Whether you are into volunteering, donating, or lending a hand to your neighbor, you never know, it maybe setting in motion those people around you to give back in their own way too. And the added benefit, it links back into our original point, it can create great new relationships as well as strengthen current ones.

This year for #GivingTuesday Smylee will donate $10 for every event that is created in the app on the 30th of November with a goal of reaching $10,000!
That’s right…. we are committing $10,000 in donations and we are calling out to you to make it happen.
It’s super simple. Head into Smylee, plan your next event and invite your friends to attend. Smylee will prompt you to select a charity that is pledged towards if those attending don’t show up as planned. The $10 from Smylee will be donated to the charity once your future event is active. (this can be at anytime)
Don’t forget you can also choose to donate anyway to your charity in the app once you check-in to your event. You will receive a tax receipt by email once you have donated.

Let’s get planning and start to create that ripple effect inspiring others to give also!

*Terms and Conditions: The offer is valid only on #GivingTuesday and limited to the maximum of $10 per event until $10,000 is reached. To participate you must have a valid Smylee account, be at least 18 years or older and have an active event. An active event is an event that has a minimum of one person who has RSVP’d. Donations will be distributed to the charities selected prior to 31st December 2021.