House Rules

Smylee House Rules December 2020


Our Smylee House Rules apply to all users of our service at all times.

The Smylee service is designed to create a friendly, supportive environment for people who value reliably connecting with other’s while doing something great for the world by having the option to support their favourite charity.

We depend on good behaviour from our Users to make the service work for everyone.

We do not actively monitor content or communication between users on our platform.  Please contact us at support@smylee.us if you see something that does not belong on our site.

We reserve the right to delete any content posted by or for Users and/or block users at our discretion. We hope Smylee and our Users will create a community that is built on mutual trust and respect.

We will review and remove content on the Smylee service if we believe it:

  • violates our Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy and/or Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy
  • contains language related to gender, age, race, sexual preference, religion, or other characteristic which may violate anti-discrimination or other laws;
  • is not true or accurate;
  • is upsetting to other Users;
  • is abusive or being used to harass others;
  • is threatening or may encourage violence;
  • is inappropriate, or offensive;
  • violates someone’s privacy (discloses personal information without consent or otherwise in an inappropriate way);
  • violates copyright or other intellectual property rights;
  • involves trolling another user;
  • is spam;
  • may violate applicable laws and regulations;
  • includes language or imagery that Smylee in its sole discretion believes should not be seen on the Smylee service.

Please contact us at support@smylee.us if you have any questions.

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