Meet Skye

‘Relationships involve the sharing of energy and information flow. When we communicate with one another, we are exchanging energy’

Discussions with Skye

When we founded Smylee we genuinely knew that there was an issue of people not showing up for each other, causing negative sentiment between family, friends and people meeting each other for the first time.

So much valuable time and energy is being spent on organising events and getting excited about them, only for people to be let down. There is also the consideration of the financial impact on the other person or group of people in the process that society seemed to be brushing aside.

The other founders and I wondered how we could possibly create a community of people that valued reliability as much as us, how do we start to hold people accountable and encourage them to be more respectful and considerate in the process? How do we shift a culture of people who no longer bothered to RSVP or turn up at the last minute, or not at all?

After over a year of passionate deliberation, design and development, we are thrilled to introduce the world to Smylee, which was an acronym we referred to as a team during the development process that we used whenever we got too excited and wanted to add another feature or functionality, it gave us a great perspective and stood for “Simply Making Your Life Events Easier” – which became very handy when needing to go back to our original purpose, and made us laugh so much the name stuck. Now we have an incredible app that is not only intuitive and easy to use, but it has everything we feel people need to make their event a success, encouraging their guests to show up in a positive way, while doing something great for the world in the process.

The great Daniel J Siegal MD tells us that humans need to interact, it is part of our DNA, and I tend to agree! He also talks about healthy relationships that thrive with integrative communication, where differences are honoured and compassionate connection is cultivated.

This is the very essence of Smylee.

Whilst what we do is backed by science, the reason we do it is to create a positive movement, a cultural change in a world that is seemingly becoming more disconnected. We want to flip that disconnection on its head, reconnecting people in person, while bringing our fun and cheeky personality’s along for the ride.

We’re so proud of this app, and hope you love it just as much as we do.

Let’s learn how to meet again!