Best dinner spots in Melbourne

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Everything local events

Dinner, what a glorious concept. You’ve hoofed down your Eggs Bene for breakfast, you’ve done a substantial sandwich for lunch, and you’re now ready to devour a delicious dinner – what a day!

The biggest question on your mind if you’re reading this article is surely – where in Australia’s foodie capital (aka Melbourne) should we go?
Look… we get it. There’s so much on offer, in so many spots, with so many different cuisines to choose from.
That’s why we’ve made one of the shortest lists possible to help narrow down that selection, based on the sort of diner you are.

1. FOR THE FINE DINER // Matilda @ South Yarra

Nestled in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s South Yarra restaurant precinct is the highly sought after restaurant, Matilda. Named after the daughter of celebrity chef, Scott Pickett, Matilda is a restaurant that prides itself on being a visual and sensory journey. With a kitchen fuelled by open fire and hot coals, it delivers great food, strong design and a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Located just across the road from the Botanic Gardens, the restaurant’s designers ‘Projects of Imagination’ have brought the space to life by incorporating elements of earth, fire, nature and water into the interior.

Owner and celebrity chef Scott Pickett describes the restaurant as, “somewhere guests can visit often and be guaranteed a local piece of meat cooked exceptionally well over live flames and open grills, paired with seasonal produce.”

If you’re in Melbourne and looking for a great dinner option on the finer side, then Matilda in South Yarra is the one for you!

The where: 159 Domain Road South Yarra
More info: https://matilda159.com/

SuperNormal @ Melbourne

Well this next choice is definitely one for that, however it is twice blessed to also behold some of the most delicious Asian fusion food we’ve ever come across!
Comparable to the Chin Chin of Melbourne, locals go as far to say it gives the famed Sydney Asian fusion giant a run for its money! We on the other hand, well that’s like choosing our favourite child – we could never, we love them both so dearly!

Great for a group, with sharing plates a definite option, or if you rather, you’re certainly able to go your own. Oh and the best part, the cocktails are out of this world amazing.

If you’re looking to try something new, or just a huge lover of Asian-fusion, then this one has your name all over it.

The where: 180 Flinders Lane Melbourne
More info: https://supernormal.net.au/

400 Gradi

Italian, honestly say no more, we already know whatever meal you’re thinking of, well, it’s going to be delicious. Which Italian restaurant is going to take out our top spot though – that’s the real question? We love them all, but honestly, we can’t go past 400 Gradi, and here’s why!

400 Gradi is headed up by one of Melbourne’s leading chefs and restaurateurs, Johnny Di Francesco. A master of his craft, Johnny holds an array of awards under his belt, including the number one spot at the World Pizza Championships in 2014.
His dedication to world-class pizza has earned him the position of Australasian Principal of the V.P.N, an international association dedicated to promoting authentic Neapolitan pizza.

That’s why eating at 400 Gradi is so much more than a meal – it’s an experience. The restaurant interiors are all about classic Italian textures, with walls of imported marble and charcoal terrazzo style floors. Suave Italian wait-staff glide from table to table, ensuring your every need is attended to.

We’re trying to recommend the best things to order off the menu, but really, we can’t decide – it’s all delicious! Our top tip though – grab a couple of pizzas to share amongst you, so that you can try as many as possible!

The where: Multiple Melbourne locations
More info: https://400gradi.com.au/

4. FOR THE TAKEAWAY HERO // Very Good Falafel @ Brunswick

We completely get it – sometimes the best dinner isn’t the fanciest restaurant or the most decedent décor, sometimes it’s just a delicious takeaway option that’s taken home to eat whilst cuddled up on the couch or at your favourite local look-out!

So look, if that’s the vibe you’re looking for, don’t stress, we’ve totally got you! We’re giving praise to our local falafel faves ‘Very Good Falafel’ in Brunswick. There really isn’t much to say here other than wow, just wow. These falafels are a cut above the rest and one of the cheapest takeaway dinners you’ll find in Melbourne.

If falafels are your thing, this one is an absolute must!

The where: 629 Sydney Road Brunswick
More info: https://www.shukiandlouisa.com/

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