New Year’s Eve plans cancelled? Top tips for ringing in the New Year to 2022

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Everything local events

Yes, it has been another hot mess in the lead-up to the New Year. Omicron cases rising, some events cancelling days before New Year while other parts of the world to some extent are plans as usual. Even if events are still going ahead, some may not feel as confident in attending or being around crowds, so everything is up in the air. We totally get how you may be feeling.

What we do know is that plans can always be changed, right? Sure, we have put a lot of time and effort into organizing, that sucks, but if you aren’t going to enjoy yourself with your current plans, why not switch it up and keep your commitment with your fam and friends?
Maybe change up those big get-togethers and opt for something a little closer to home, where we know we can relax, be stress-free and still make it a night to remember.
So, for those of you that are thinking about bowing out of hitting up the town this New Year, or maybe your plans have been cancelled last minute due to COVID, here are some of our favorite tips to ring home the New Year in the comfort of your own home or somewhere a little more local with those closest to you.


Ok so we are going to miss out on the live-action but why not bring it to your own loungeroom and better yet, travel around the world! Yes, you’ve got it, let’s follow the fireworks and vote in who brought it home best for 2021. Some of our favorites from previous years include Berlin, Moscow, Bangkok, Iceland, Paris, London, Sydney, and New York.
Hot tip: Throw a themed house gathering combining a dress theme of your favorite fireworks destination. What better party than people turning up in speedos and thongs representing Sydney!



We know, you may have been looking forward to heading somewhere different, traveling, or going to see that DJ that only plays on New Year’s. insert sad face. Whilst that may not be an option, never fear we have a perfect idea!
Why not head to a local restaurant or small bar that you have never tried before? A little different it may be, it also may be the best New Year’s that you’ve had yet. And what a nice feeling to know that you are supporting those small local businesses that have been doing it a little tougher over 2021.

Hot tip: Make it a bit of fun. Google best places to eat near me (or something along those lines). Pick a number between your crew, let’s say it’s seven. Scroll down to the 7th listing that has come up on the search and that’s your place.




Let’s be honest when you think about it how often do we get the chance to have a movie marathon where we actually don’t fall asleep 10 minutes in?!?! LOL
There’s nothing that says an immense amount of laughter and quality time than a night in with your partner or the besties on New Year’s! Arm yourself with a bowl full of popcorn, ice cream at the plenty, and the blow-up mattress positioned directly in front of the TV.
Here are some of our favorites to get you started:
New Years Eve, When Harry Met Sally, The Holiday, Sleepless in Seattle, Bridgette Jones Diary
Hot tip: Write down all the movies that you and the crew have discussed, pop them in a hat, and draw one out. A little random hat draw always helps to make the final decision so much easier.


We know, we know, this article is about alternatives to heading out this New Year’s Eve, but hey, that doesn’t mean you need to stay at your place specifically.
The last place we usually choose to have a getaway is at our hometown; however, we challenge that and say, why not?
Some of the nicest hotels, Air BnB’s, camping spots can be literally at your doorstep, and yet they have never been considered for this very reason.
We are loving the stay-cation vibe! Minimal travel time, light packing, all this equates to more time doing things you love, enjoying the scenery, food, hotel, and making the most of your downtime! Been eyeing off that hotel two blocks down the road? If people have to cancel plans because they can’t travel, you never know; you may catch yourself a last-minute deal!



This goes without saying it’s one of the best party themes ever! Comfort at its greatest is the meaning of the old-fashioned PJ party.
So, grab your Deejay friend or load up your Spotify playlist, send out the invite’s asap through Smylee, allocate the potluck, and make New Year’s easy for those that have had to change plans. Pillow fights, Twister, UNO, YES…. we are taking it back to being a kid at heart. It’s such a simple way for everyone to still feel like they have celebrated even when things don’t go to plan. Oh, and did we mention, don’t forget to allocate your favorite charity when organizing and share the gift of giving to ring in the New Year.


Whatever your plans are this New Year’s Eve, we hope you have the most incredible time filled with lots of laughter. Maybe it’s doing something different from usual, and hopefully, that makes it is one to remember

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