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Without reliability there are no real connections, no meaningful moments.


Why Smylee?

Have you ever been stood up, been left waiting for others to arrive, or tried to organize an event with RSVPs coming in at the last minute or not at all?

Smylee was founded to eliminate these very issues. Seeking a positive cultural change creating a new norm to be reliable, to show up for each other, enabling people to feel valued.

How we do it

Create your event, invite your guests, positive pledge, connect and ‘Smyle’ 

A positive pledge to a charity of choice is selected when you RSVP, to hold people accountable to show up. If you don’t show, your pledge is donated.


Your new personal event planner

Create and manage any type of event from a coffee date, a weekend away, a business meeting or even plan a wedding.

1. Let's chat

Add your contacts and start chatting to discuss the event details before setting the plans in motion.

2. Plan your event

Nominate the details of your event to complete your personalized run sheet and invite who you wish to attend.

3. Select a charity and pledge to show up

If someone doesn’t show their pledge is donated to the cause that is chosen. If they show they get to keep their pledge unless they choose to donate anyway.

4. Check in via GPS

Check-in to show you have arrived at the event or if locations have changed check-in via bluetooth with the other attendees. It's not about where the event is located, it's about the positive connection 😊

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Plan your catch-up, invite your friends,
gain commitment through a charitable pledge,
connect in person.