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We’rE for showing up, for being there

Creating positive, reliable connections

Were not for shaming but we are for keeping it real.

Our community support each other, show up for each other and have a great deal of fun in the process.

We encourage diversity, inclusiveness and having equal respect.

Keep an eye out for ‘The Third Wheel’ aka Nick the socialite. He’ll be bringing you tips, tricks, banter, and you just never know, maybe a sneaky surprise here or there. 

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Your pursuit: To encourage people to show up for each other, share your #smyleesnaps. Let’s create a cultural change together, one event at a time!

You’ll be the inspo of the next trending weekend getaway’s, girls nights or maybe you create the next event craze. We are all about flipping things on their head. Yes you’ll get some perks, that comes with the gig!

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