Our Ethos

We dream of making moments happen, moments that lead to positive experiences and incredible memories. 

 The Smylee Ethos

In 2019 one of the Smylee founders had a real life issue.
A corporate professional, on the dating scene, he was using dating apps to meet new people. During this experience he was being stood up and cancelled on with no reasoning at all.

Not only frustrating, it caused feelings of hurt and self-doubt. Wondering if he was the only one with this experience he started chatting to friends. He discovered that hundreds of people were feeling this way, not only with dating but all types of events. 

This experience harnessed the Smylee values, our ethos, which sit at the core of what we do today…


We are free-thinking and intuitive, daring to do things differently.
We are unwavering in our drive, passion, and determination to create change where needed.

Culturally Reliable

We’re for being there, for people backing themselves.

For encouraging reliability in ourselves and in others. To make a cultural and societal change where it isn’t acceptable to stand people up or let people down. For being real.


We embrace the spirit of Giving. For kindness and empathy, for simply caring and putting others first, for showing up and always having each other’s backs.

Connectivity that Matters

We’re for connecting. We bring people together, simply and enjoyably, to create meaningful and positive connections.
For sharing the joy in the moments that matter, with people that matter.

Meet the Team

We work together with a key focus on helping to increase social reliability, by encouraging people to want to show up in person. We do this from a place of kindness, helping people to become more mindful of how their actions can impact others in order to inspire better habits. 

Raj Krishnan

“I have an idea”


Sam Gribble

“Stop, collaborate & listen”


Skye Butler

“Never a no, only a how”