Who’s your date this Valentine’s Day? (2022)

by | Jan 31, 2022 | All over dating

Valentine’s Day, it’s one of those days that you’re either really into or you’re not. We can straight up tell you that this is not an
anti-Valentine’s Day movement…. quite the opposite, in fact.
We’re hoping most of you reading this are with us when we say we love to celebrate a little bit of love.

So, here’s how it usually goes down. Some of you plan it out weeks before, book that hotel room, the restaurant, arrange the picnic, order the flowers –  if this is you…. you are 100% one of those fully organized people that we all dream to be. Let’s also make mention of the many of us that are literally planning the day before because we have forgotten (no, we didn’t), and we know our partner won’t be impressed if there is no Valentine’s Day! (How dare we even say that aloud).
But the big question this year is not when you are planning the special day; even though we have given you a giant heads up, you’re welcome, but who will your date be in 2022?

Why not make anyone in our circle that we love feel special this year? Does it have to be a romantic partner? Why can’t we friend-date our besties? We say hell YES, we can!

So, not only are we going to roll out all our thoughts on who you can date this year, but we also have some fun ways to spoil your date in the process, whomever that may be!


They are your nearest and dearest. You would do anything for them, and for a lot of you, unfortunately, you don’t get to see them as much as you may like. Maybe it’s your siblings, mum, dad, daughter, son, grandparents (cutttte), basically, anyone who falls into the family category.
We say, why not share some love for the fam bam on V Day! Cook up that homemade degustation (6 courses, please), enjoy and relax without being on a schedule rushing out of that busy restaurant.

Tip for the date: We know it can be stressful getting everyone together, so use Smylee to send out the invites, keep track of who is coming, and let Smylee do the reminders in the lead up to the day.


We honestly can’t think of anything cuter than seeing a bunch of dog parents out on dates with their fur babies, or why not grab your pals and make it the ‘paw-fect date for all of you. Pets are our besties, so let’s make them feel special on Valentine’s Day and treat yourselves in the process too. Set up a picnic in the park or on the beach, pop the champagne, and let’s all cheers to being the best fur parents ever!
Tip for the date: Upload your favorite fur-baby snaps in Smylee and share them with all those who made the day so much fun.


You are willing to do anything for this crew and they feel the same way about you. Soooo if you don’t have that special someone in your life right now then this is the crew, we would be hanging with on V Day. Two or ten of you, it really doesn’t matter it’s a great excuse for y’all to get together, not that you need one, as you are attached at the hip pretty much twenty-four seven.
We recommend mixing up the usual, if you are always hitting the town, going out for dinner then maybe a movie night could be in order. Pull out the blow-up mattresses, set up your lounge room fort, pop on that rom-com, and cue laughter.
Tip for the date: Use Smylee’s ‘donate anyway’ feature, choose your favorite charity, and make it a ‘date’ with a cause.


Not the typical squad you would think about hanging out with on a romantic day however in these times maybe you haven’t seen your everyday people for a while. We actually, sometimes forget that some of these people we spend at least half of our weekly lives with! Some of us may want to escape that (we get it) but for those who love your work crew, then why not spend the day of love with those you love!
Tip for the date: Organize a potluck dinner in Smylee using the ‘allocate a task’ feature.


This can be a little daunting. You have been chatting to someone and you are getting along swimmingly. You really can’t think of another person you would like to share the day with, at the same time you don’t want that first date pressure on Valentine’s Day also. Well, we say why not? What have you got to lose? It really is about what you choose to do together on that first date that will make you both feel at ease. If the big dinner is a little over the top, organize drinks at a local bar, or get some food to go and watch the sunset from your favorite spot.
Tip for the date: Use Smylee to help you stay in contact, you can chat to make your plans, and then confirm the details leading up in the ‘plan your event’ feature.


The soul mate, wife, hubby, long-term partner for life. The person that lights up that smile and you would honestly do anything in the world for. No doubt many of you see each other all the time, so Valentine’s Day may not be a big deal, or you just aren’t sure how to mix it up from the usual weekly date night. Let us suggest the ‘Staycation.’ Pack your bags; you’re heading to a weekend getaway literally no longer than half an hour drive. It’s the perfect in-between. Recruit the babysitter, turn the phones on silent (we know just in case), take some much-needed time out, and treat yo’selves!
Tip for the date: Want to make sure you both are ready to leave the house on time, plan your staycation on Smylee and commit to keeping on schedule with the ‘pledge to show up’ feature.


Don’t forget… Install Smylee now and make the most of our hot tips ensuring your Valentine’s Day is one to remember.
Here’s to sharing love, giving generously, and creating big, huge smiles! 

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